• Hi,

    I'm Dr. Jamie!

    I want to help create a world where every young person feels awesome about who they are and is excited for their bright future.

  • A little bit about me.

    I was born in Hong Kong, but I grew up in Ghana. And when I was 14, I moved to Australia. I felt like I couldn't fit in, and I started to blame it on myself. I thought that if I were a different person, I'd be happier. But wanting to be someone else just kept me miserable. I felt isolated, and struggled with anxiety and depression.


    I also felt like I had to hide my struggles, because I wanted to be strong. Now, I am a big advocate of talking about our struggles. I want young people to know that reaching out for help doesn't make you weak -- it's actually a sign of strength because it requires so much bravery and courage.


    I believe that the more that we share, the better things can get.


    I want young people to grow up feeling confident in who they are, and hopeful for their bright futures. As a clinical psychologist and counsellor, I've worked with hundreds of at-risk teens struggling with depression and anxiety. I spent my doctorate years researching the factors of youth depression and suicide, and investigating the effectiveness of school-based mental health programs.


    I've been invited to share my work at TEDx in Hong Kong and in Beijing. I was honoured to be chosen as one of Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs in 2016. I was also selected as one of Hong Kong’s 100 most influential young leaders in the Hong Kong Tatler’s Generation T. And more recently, I made it onto the Real Leaders 100 Young Visionaries list.


    But it doesn't end there. My goal is to continue inspiring young people to find their purpose, belonging, and to know that they are not alone.

    My TEDx talk about how social media can make us feel like we're not good enough, and what to do about it! [sorry about the ad that plays before the video]

    My TEDx talk about how for many, the most negative voice we hear is our own, and how to start to regain confidence in yourself.

  • I co-founded The Brightly Project to reduce the ‘suck’ for teens experiencing depression, shame, and loneliness. By creating apps that spread positivity, show teens they are not alone in their struggles, and that people who care are all around — teens everywhere can be themselves and not be judged for having a mental illness, for not fitting in, or for being different.