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    My daughter seems depressed and is feeling lost

    The hallmarks of teenage depression is losing motivation, feeling irritable and moody, and becoming withdrawn.


    I will work with your teen so they can identify their triggers, recognise the thinking traps they've fallen in, learn new ways of dealing with difficult emotions, and find motivation and hope in their lives.

    My daughter seems more than just "shy" and it may be anxiety

    Perhaps she just changed schools, recently came to Hong Kong, or is experiencing some awkward growing pains.


    Feeling nervous and scared about new and challenging things is totally normal. However, when these feelings become so strong that they begin avoiding things they used to do, or they get so stressed they feel they cannot sleep - that's when they might need some extra support.


    I will work with your teen so they can face their fears and challenges, learn relaxation and coping techniques, practice strategies to stop overthinking, and feel in control in the face of stress.

    My daughter just needs to be a bit more confident

    Teenage years, self-doubt, and self-consciousness tend to go hand-in-hand.


    Sometimes, teens will fall into a cycle of negative self-limiting thoughts where they are unable to see their own strengths. A common example is giving up on homework before even trying because they have convinced themselves they're not capable.


    I will work with your daughter so they can build their confidence, find new ways of dealing with challenging situations, feel motivated to push themselves a little bit further, believe in their own strengths and goodness, and move from "I can't" to "I am capable and I am willing to try".

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